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Clients of Compass Capital Management

Financial Services for Real People Like You

Your financial well-being is deeply personal. We show up every day ready to find solutions. While you may not understand every single nuance of your planning strategy or portfolio, we’ll be here to make sure your questions are answered, and you feel comfortable with your plan. There is no confusion, intimidation, or high-pressure sales tactics. When you call Compass Capital Management, you’ll get a real human on the phone who has answers to your questions. No complicated extensions, no “passing off” to multiple account managers. If you call back the next day, you’ll be able to reach the same person each time, someone who is familiar with your situation.

No runaround. Just full transparency. You are our priority, and we practice what we preach.

Our clients are teachers, business owners, nurses, doctors, corporate employees, and hardworking individuals headed into retirement. Our purpose is simple, but our experience runs deep. We want to make your life easier by helping you make informed financial decisions.


Our team has been preparing teachers for retirement since 1965. We will help you maximize the opportunities available to you, whether you’re a first-year teacher or just a few years away from retirement. Allow our team to guide you through all the subtle nuances of a Tax Sheltered Annuity/403(b) plan. You take care of your classroom, and let us take care of the rest.

Business Owners

Business owners are managing the day-to-day tasks of their company, employees, and still trying to prepare for their financial future. We assist business owners everyday  protecting their business, maximizing their net worth and allow them to get back to their passion. We’ll help put you on the right track for the future and help you take care of your employees.

Medical Professionals

We offer specialized financial planning for the medical field. As a healthcare professional, you’re often exposed to greater risk, so protecting your assets is of critical importance. You may face some challenges when it comes to employees, taxes, and benefits. Let us coordinate all the details for you, so you can focus on providing top-of-the-line care.


As an executive you may find yourself facing higher tax brackets or additional financial risk. We help make sense of company stock options, find ways to minimize taxes, and help you build a path towards financial independence. Our team will help you find the right approach for your circumstances and give your finances the necessary attention they require.


You’ve saved for retirement your whole life, but planning for your income in retirement is an entirely new experience. We can assist you in filling out paperwork and answering questions as you near retirement. We’ll work alongside you in protecting your family in future decisions you make today.

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