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What’s best for our clients is best for our company.

What’s best for our clients is best for our company.

This statement has been the founding principle of our company and the driving force behind every piece of advice our team offers.

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Financial Planning Designed for You

For many of our clients who are teachers, they’re looking for help planning and saving for retirement. Others want to be sure they can send their kids to college, pay for a wedding, or welcome a new baby. Additionally, the younger generation is planning for life after college with aspirations to secure full-time employment, live independently, and buy their first home.

Whatever challenges life has handed you, remember that you do not need to do this alone. We invite you to come visit with our team and find out if we’re the right firm for you. Financial plans are built through conversations, not on paper.

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Who We Help
Financial Planning With Integrity



Compass Capital Management has the expertise and experience to help educational professionals with their finances, extending through and beyond retirement. Our team has been serving teachers in this capacity since 1965.

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For professionals approaching retirement and seeking guidance, we're here to help. We specialize in aiding executives and business owners to understand their company stock options, reduce taxes, and build a secure financial future, enabling them to focus on their passions with peace of mind.

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We offer a complete financial overview of your assets and assist in your retirement decisions

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How We Help
A Solution For Every Goal

We answer the phone (a real human, not a machine)! We’ve been serving Connecticut and New York for more than half a century. Our financial expertise has been making a difference for teachers, professionals, executives, and retirees since 1965.

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<sup>About Us</sup><br/>Our Team Is Your Team

About Us
Our Team Is Your Team

Our reasons for becoming financial professionals are deeply personal. We repeatedly saw many friends and family struggling to find the help they needed to map out their financial future. We are confident that with our understanding of personal finance, coupled with our training as financial professionals, we can help people better prepare for the future. After years in the business, we have developed a reputation for educating individuals in an easy-to-understand manner so they can grasp personal finance and use those concepts to pursue their financial objectives. We feel a commitment to our community.

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Are you looking forward to retirement? Are you really prepared for what lies ahead? Our free ebook can help you find out. Register today to receive your copy of "Retire Happy: A Simple Guide to Your Next Big Adventure." 

Our Process
We Strive For Excellence As
Much As You Do

Step 1: Discovery Call

Contact us to schedule a meeting and plan your financial future.

Step 2: Build Your Plan

Assess your current assets and establish a financial target.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Life

Establish your financial strategy and relax as you enjoy life

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